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Ajman Bank

Design and Build

In 2023, we designed and built Ajman Bank's flagship branch in Diera within an impressive 45-day timeframe, showcasing our commitment to excellence and efficiency.

The design reflects the bank's commitment to innovation, trust, and customer satisfaction while ensuring a comfortable and efficient space for both customers and employees. The branch is envisioned as an environment that seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology with a warm ambiance.

From the outset, we embarked on this venture hand in hand with Ajman Bank's technical, projects, and marketing teams. Our goal was clear: to create a space that not only met their functional requirements but also embodied their brand ethos.

Our scope of work encompassed a comprehensive design and build package, including the creation of custom furniture tailored to Ajman Bank’s specific needs. Leveraging our in-house factory, we ensured quality and precision in every aspect of the project.

Despite the ambitious timeline of 45 days for a 6000 Sq.Ft space, Ajman Bank’s team, and our team rose to the occasion, working tirelessly to meet and exceed expectations.

This project stands as a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and dedication in achieving remarkable outcomes. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Ajman Bank for entrusting us with this endeavor and look forward to continuing to exceed expectations in future ventures.

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